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Find our collection of books and publications here, including The Secret of Energy, the Nature's Presence Column e-book and, coming soon, the e-book, "Fasting for Body, Mind, and Spirit" as well as many other useful writings.

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We share useful information on concepts relating to natural health. This includes research on nutrition, supplementation, and "ditching the meds". Learn about true holistic living!

Our blog started as a hobby, simply to share information on how to address health issues naturally. We began as "Ditch the Meds" and you will find some of our archived posts here.

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Holistic Coaching!

Coming soon! We will be offering a fully holistic coaching package, as well as "a la carte" coaching in the near future. This will include, "Setting the Stage for Success", "Cleansing and Detoxing", "Nutrition", "Supplementation", "Bodywise Fitness", and other important topics. It will be available through exclusive videos and other material as well as individual one-on-one interaction.

Stay tuned!