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About 7th Generation Herbs and its founder Alicia Archuleta

By Alicia Archuleta

Growing up, I lived next to my great-grandpa who was an Herbalist and a masseur. He learned about the art and science of herbal remedies from his family and later during occupation in Japan he learned massage. My dad was his grandson and, in true generation fashion, followed the tradition of using herbs for home health. I moved away not maintaining this belief in herbs and their healing powers.

It was two years later when I was deathly ill with an eye virus and shortly thereafter a stomach bacteria when I realized the value of these herbs. The doctors had limited tools and their methods were different from what I was used to. I thought medication worked with your body so it could heal it, but I was really thinking of herbs. After coming to this realization I tried some home remedies, which kicked the virus and the bacteria out of my system. It was an eye-opening experience that showed me the incredible value of herbs and herbal healing.

Since then, I have learned to harvest herbs in the wild, and make several products from them to heal and/or make people comfortable when modern medicine has failed them. There is a place for modern medicine, but it is a mistake to ignore thousands of years of proven ways to of healing.