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Mission: To help others help themselves using the gifts that God gave humanity.

Nature’s Presence was started by Marcie Martinez, a researcher and writer who has a passion for helping others. Around the year 2007 Marcie discovered the amazing benefits of cleansing and began studying everything she could about natural health and natural healing. She has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from New Mexico State University and a master’s degree in Materials Science from the Colorado School of Mines.

Marcie is also the author of the book The Secret of Energy, A Spiritual and Scientific Tool for Finding Ultimate Happiness and, from this project, she and her friend have created evoLumination, which is an educational program in which the two of them will discuss “life” in terms of energy as a scientific as well as a spiritual phenomenon. For more about evoLumination check out their Facebook page.

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Nature’s Presence is dedicated to promoting health and well being using a natural, holistic approach to all aspects of life. We believe that to have true success one must have whole/holistic health, including:

  • Physical health, which begins from the inside
  • Emotional health, which comes from the heart
  • Mental health, which comes from the mind
  • Financial health, which comes from knowledge, acceptance, and the previous three types of health
  • Spiritual health, which comes from the soul

All of these things work hand in hand with one another. It is not possible to have one without the other and it is not possible to have any individually without whole health.

Nature’s Presence is a service and educational tool. Our main focus is to offer education because we believe in helping others help themselves. We realize that we each have our strengths and weaknesses and therefore we are now offering coaching to help you understand your body as a whole and to take control of your health on every level. If we are unable to provide services ourselves we will direct those in need to the resource we feel would be of greatest help.

We consistently strive to keep up with organizations and other ministries involved in similar education so that we can work together…and not reinvent the wheel.

With some help from you we can help each other and hopefully one day create a world in which we all can thrive.

For information on our services go to https://naturespresence.net/services or contact Marcie at marcie@naturespresence.net.

Note: We do not market to children and any product recommendations are meant solely for adult use.

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