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After taking a hiatus from blogging, due to circumstances mostly out of my control I'm back in the saddle. I realize what I have to share with regards to energy and our ever-changing, tumultuous times, is absolutely critical right now. I will be sharing a series of blog posts here regarding the "novel" coronavirus, Covid-19, as it relates to 5G. My Facebook group will be dedicated to discussing 5G and other energetic concepts. I will also be discussing recommendations for protecting yourself energetically, physically, and emotionally.

The group will involve personal discussions among members and also video discussions on simple energetic concepts. I will approach this from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. If you haven't picked up my book yet, please consider doing so. It gives a basic understanding of how we are energetic beings, conceptualized from both a scientific and spiritual perspective!

When I wrote my book The Secret of Energy, I did so with the intention of bringing certain information to the consciousness of the readers. Namely the fact that we are energetic beings and everything around us is energy, which includes thoughts, words, substances, everything. It has, thus far, been the only book I have been compelled to complete and did so fairly quickly. I didn’t really know why, I just felt it. And as I neared the end of the book I realized it was really important information.

Why is it relevant right now? Well, I have shared information here and there about the Wuhan virus being related to 5G. Also, I touch on 5G in my book, mainly in the context of such things as a “virus” (or illness, anyway). As a side note: when I share articles or links on social media, it does not mean I always agree 100% or even at all with what they say, I really just want others to look into it. Anyway, I think it’s pretty obvious why this is all relevant right now and I’m going to do my best to share what I know regarding both natural health and also energy. In this way we might make sense of it all, and even become equipped with the tools and ammunition to protect ourselves.

So, while I wasn’t initially sure whether or not the illness felt by the people in China could solely be attributed to 5G, I did know it was highly plausible it was connected. We should remember we cannot trust what the Chinese “government” reports. In actuality it is the CCP – Chinese Communist Party, which runs the government we cannot trust. We have to try to use our own judgment and discernment regarding the stories of people dying in the streets as well as the number of people dying. It could be much higher or much lower than they report. We can’t trust our own media either, by the way. Couple this with the many uncertainties and variables with regards to “cases” and testing, which Jon Rappoport so succinctly challenges in his newsletter. The only thing we can be certain of is uncertainty. With uncertainty comes fear, unfortunately, and my sincere hope is to remove the fear, cultivate faith and, ultimately...well... hope.

With this being said I want to discuss what I have learned through my research over the past few weeks, months, and years. I share this to provide information on how to improve your chances of avoiding or overcoming Covid-19, or any other illness for that matter. I have believed for some time that humanity cannot solve its problems on a physical level, or solely on a physical level. They must be viewed through an energetic lens. When I say problems I mean everything, from health issues to world issues. This “new” thing they’re calling the coronavirus pandemic likely can only be solved from an energetic perspective, through all facets including physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

I have decided to create a Facebook group through my Nature’s Presence page called Nature’s Presence and the Secret of Energy so we can have these discussions. Consider this post a primer to the series I will be sharing over the next few days or weeks. I will give my thoughts and what I have discovered with regards to the correlation between illness from the “virus” and the 5G rollout. Much of this information can be found from Dr. Jack Kruse, who I find to be a highly credible source of scientific information relating to how energy is transferred within the body. He also discusses the way vitamins are sourced naturally through sunlight and how unnatural light can affect those processes. He speaks in highly technical terms so I’m hoping to make it a bit more digestible so we might be able to make heads or tails of what’s happening.

At first when this concept presented itself to me I wasn’t sure if there was even really a virus. I knew people were getting sick but I wasn't sure if it could be attributed to a virus, per se. At this point I know there is something. It might be a single virus or it might be several different viruses, which cause similar symptoms. Investigative journalist  Jon Rappoport provides incredible information on this. Let’s just say, hypothetically, there is only one virus, the “novel” coronavirus. It is called novel because it is purportedly some mutation of the coronavirus, which has existed for millennia and is really just the common cold. It might also be considered novel because of “how fast it is spreading.”

There are several variables to consider. From what I know of non-native electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) we should look to this first to determine who is most susceptible to the virus or any other illness. This is especially true of 5G technology. We will get into this more deeply in my group and the posts I share there. Suffice it to say, the energy we are exposed to constantly is not trivial. This comes in the form of our televisions, mobile devices, “smart” electric meters, WiFi in every home and establishment, and now even “smart” home. This does not even consider all of our electric appliances and electricity running through the walls of our homes. Before you can understand the sheer magnitude of the problem you must understand you are an electrical being. In fact you are mostly energy, which is in constant flux within your body. Energy exists as the food you eat converted into usable energy and the sun you are exposed to reacting with molecules on your skin to make necessary vitamins. To understand what is happening you must understand or at least recognize you are an energetic being.

We can sort of compare this to chemical toxicity if we are talking strictly on a physical level. Yet chemicals also have their own energies that disrupt natural frequencies. This is a topic for another day. But to illustrate what I am saying let’s discuss toxins in the body and how they can trigger all sorts of problems. Indeed toxins make us more susceptible to illness, whether by lowering our immunity or by triggering our body’s immune response. This creates all sorts of symptoms including inflammation, lymph drainage through sweating, vomiting, etc. People who are exposed to certain toxins that accumulate over time are susceptible to chronic illness. Think exposure to asbestos or beryllium, which can cause severe upper respiratory problems. Through this mechanism, such exposure leaves these people vulnerable also to seasonal illnesses.

When discussing 5G or other non-native electromagnetic frequencies it is no different. Like being exposed to radioactive materials, which emit certain frequencies, these seemingly harmless frequencies are contaminating the body at a different frequency level. When people are exposed to radiation in a medical setting they are given protection. For example when we have x-rays done on our mouth, we are covered with a lead-lined blanket to protect our organs.  The radiation/energetic frequencies coming from x-rays are more powerful than those coming from, say, cellular telephones. However, the radiation/energetic frequencies coming from the phones are not necessarily safe. In fact common sense tells us it is not safe at all.

Indeed our bodies are accustomed to exposure of certain types of frequencies, which come from both the sun and the earth. This includes the night sky, the moon, the stars, natural waters, etc.) but these are frequencies to which humanity has become adapted over millennia as well. Suddenly, in the last hundred or so years we have been exposed to all these technologies. It began with the simple light bulb and is now becoming a super-saturation of invisible energies our bodies are ill-equipped to handle.

In the next post I’ll discuss how this relates to the coronavirus. Over the next few days, weeks, and months, I will discuss ways to protect yourself using not only these concepts but also with supplements, nutrition, and fitness. The coaching program I have been working on has morphed into something else. Only God knows our paths and how we end up where we end up. So here I am!





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