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When people think of the word “detox” they generally either think of some rehabilitation facility, like the Betty Ford Center, or as of late they think of detox diets. While the former is obviously necessary for some, and the latter can be beneficial to most if done correctly, although people rarely consider detoxing emotionally.


Ironically our bodies have a way of doing so without us even realizing that is what is happening. Many times I see men who are afraid of crying, apparently because they think it is emasculating; however, what I doubt they realize is that crying is a normal part of life, and health. In actuality, tears are a method of emotionally detoxing. In fact, the composition of tears has been studied and it was found that the tears caused by emotions contain stress hormones, which the body naturally removes through crying. So next time you feel the urge to cry, don’t hold back! It’s your body’s way of saying it needs to release certain hormones and chemicals. Your body knows.

There is something I have been studying and finally coming to terms with, which is called “energy healing.” I believe energy healing is “the missing link” in healing all ailments, including (or maybe especially) emotional and mental issues. The energy aspect of our lives is apparent in everything we do, think, see, etc. yet we pay little attention to it. In fact, our bodies are mostly energy. The density of our bodies tends to mask the energy aspect. A homeopathic veterinarian once told me that our bodies look more dense than they actually are. I realize this topic waxes deep, but I think it is important to study this concept as fully as possible because it could very well be the answer to all of our issues.

I have heard many times, from people with varying beliefs, that cancer is an energy/spirit. Those who teach energy healing as a science call it an energy while those who are preaching it from the pulpit (so to speak) refer to it as a “demon spirit” that has entered the body wreaking havoc. Essentially both are the same, it just depends on your belief system. The arguments from both spectra make perfect sense. Perhaps one day I will write about it (author’s note: I wrote extensively on the topic of energy in my column. See below for details). But for now, just know that illness is not just about nutrition and toxins, but also involves some other “unseen” forces (literally).

This very topic was raised in a workshop I recently attended called Innerwise. I learned more about energy and energy healing in those two days than I’d learned in my entire life. Through that workshop I was able to grasp concepts and understand things of which I was once fearful due to the teachings of “religion”. I won’t discuss that aspect in this particular post, but suffice it to say that my understanding of how energy plays such a huge role in our lives was greatly increased from that seminar.

For one, this idea that “you are what you think,” has its roots at the energetic level. The subconscious is essentially what controls everything and what you put into your conscious mind makes its way into the subconscious, especially if you continue putting the same messages in there over and over again. So if you’re constantly saying things like, “I’m fat,” “I feel sick,” “I’m never going to do anything with my life…” because your subconscious mind is receiving these messages through electric currents in the body, you will become fat, sick, and amount to nothing. For this reason it is imperative that you not allow negativity into your life. These things can be scientifically proven. The creator of Innerwise is a medical doctor from Germany and, using his scientific teachings and what others had already discovered, he developed an effective tool for the conscious mind to communicate with the subconscious through the body’s reflexes. The basis of his tools is very similar to kinesiology and muscle testing, which absolutely works (I have experienced it first hand, and have been healed of many things through this method of diagnosing). I intend on writing about this in more detail later on.

So the next phase of emotional detoxing is being very aware of your thoughts and what you allow into your conscious mind. This includes being aware of the things that the people around you are saying and, very importantly, what you watch through the television or even hear on the “radio” (or media player, whatever the case may be). In fact, what others around you, including those devices, say might have even more of an impact on your life and health than what you yourself put into your own mind through your words. The concept of modifying one’s habits through subliminal messaging is well known and taught in all universities. In fact I recall a lecture on subliminal messages in my communications class. There are many web sites that discuss the topic, which you can find just by doing a web search on “television and subconscious.” Although some of the videos are no longer available web site provides a good discussion on the subject: Effects of TV on The Brain.

Another very popular technique used by practitioners everywhere is called Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. I have also seen this method in action and have successfully used it to “cleanse” myself of negative energy or energy blockages. We do not realize that energy blockages occur frequently. In fact, this is the concept behind most alternative medical practices such as chiropractic and acupuncture. With EFT, you use your fingers to tap on certain points on your body, face, and hands while making a positive statement, generally repeating the statement three times. Although I have read about people being able to get rid of bad habits, such as smoking, using this technique, I believe it is most effective if used in conjunction with other healing therapies, such as Innerwise energy healing and/or chiropractic and/or acupuncture. We hope to start an Innerwise practice locally very soon, so stay tuned!

On a side note: it is interesting that during a major cleanse, such as The Master Cleanse, people experience a pretty significant emotional detox. They experience feelings such as anger, happiness, and sadness and even find themselves crying “for no apparent” reason. This provides further indication that the body knows what it’s doing. It is obvious that the functions of the body are not independent, which is why it is necessary to take a holistic approach to our bodies…and our lives.

I have found that surrounding myself with positive people, shutting off the television, and following success coaches and other motivational speakers has greatly improved my emotional health and helped me to accept certain unsavory truths over which I have no control. There are many resources to help better understand what is really going on in our bodies, electrically or energetically, and how to ensure that it is always positive energy to which we are exposed. Below are some of the resources with information on the discussion within this post. Enjoy!

The Health Benefits of Tears by Judith Orloff MD




I wrote extensively in my column, “Nature’s Presence,” which appears in the Valley Daily Post print version. I compiled the first fifty column posts into an e-book. For more information go to https://naturespresence.net/columnebook

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