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The Truth About 5G

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Learn about the dangers of 5G! And learn how to protect yourself from them.

In the video series below, I discuss energy in nature, and in particular how it relates to non-native electromagnetic frequencies and wireless technologies, with a focus on 5G. We have been hearing a lot more about this “new” technology a lot more in the recent months and I believe it became such a hot topic because of the Coronavirus COVID-19.

When the people in the United States first heard about this virus, the reports from China looked horrific. There were images of people who were supposedly keeling over right on the street. There were reports of such awful symptoms, such as “having their insides melt”, all supposedly thanks to this virus. The reports also said that hundreds of thousands of people were dying of the virus and crematoriums were running nonstop for several weeks. Find out my opinion, based on my research, below!

Welcome video to my Facebook group and podcast discussing energy in nature! This series is dedicated to discussing holistic health in the context of energy. This information will help you understand how energy comes into play in every aspect of life. You will learn how it relates to the current “Covid-19” situation. You will also receive tips on how to protect yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This is the first part to a series about the connection between 5G and CV. You will get a background of energy. Understand why we should understand how it might affect our overall health. Learn how unnatural forms of energy are making us vulnerable to viruses and other illness.

This is Part 2 of my series on the connection between 5G and CV. Learn about the dangers of 5G and other non-native EMFs in this video and the video below!

Below is Part 3 of my series on the connection between 5G and CV.

Finally, Part 4 of my series provides information on how to protect yourself and how to move forward through this uncertain time! This is where you’ll learn how to protect yourself.


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