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Nationalization of 5G, What does it mean?

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Is the nationalization of 5G a good thing or a bad thing?

We are witnessing a silent civil war, which side are you on?

As I try to wrap my head around the current, unprecedented crisis, I realize my thoughts need some taming. There is so much going on, even as there seems to be hardly anything going on. For many years now I have spent several hours a day researching. This includes reading and watching interviews and documentaries. Much of what I learn comes from alternative news channels on YouTube. These channels have now migrated to other platforms like BitChute and Patreon due to censoring. The focus of my research changes with the times or with what I’m dealing with in my own life.

I launched a Facebook group called Nature’s Presence and the Secret of Energy. The group brings together my book, The Secret of Energy, with my blog and website Nature’s Presence. I have been discussing our current crisis from both aspects of health, as well as implications of the current 5G rollout. People are finally talking about this on a broader scale than ever. Discussions center on both energy and natural health. But my goal is to speak about each in terms of the other. For example I will discuss such concepts as nutrition as a function of energy consumption within the body. Or homeopathy and its energetic effects in healing the body.

Can 5G Weaken the Immune System?

To kick off the group I discussed 5G and the coronavirus called “COVID-19”. This discussion is to bring awareness about how 5G can weaken the immune system making people more susceptible to contracting the virus. It also makes it difficult to recover from the virus. I focus on 5G as well as energy in general, particularly non-native EMFs. These are electromagnetic frequencies that do not occur naturally. We have been exposed plenty by previous generations of wireless technology. I will do my best to point you in the direction to seek out additional information.

My thoughts that need taming stem from some esoteric knowledge and information currently being shared through alternative news channels.  I’m learning ideas on what is behind it and what agendas might be at play. It turns out, if you pay close attention, the crisis is being used to either cover up or to create certain outcomes. Indeed what I am seeing is a sort of civil war. This war is an epic battle between good and evil on many, many fronts. I do not plan on getting into much detail on some of these fronts. If you are curious about what I mean, do reach out and I will share some sources to dig further. But rest assured that everything is connected, both physically and energetically. Everything is energy. Everything.

We might venture into some interesting and uncharted territory but it will all depend on how effectively I am able to make the spiritual, scientific, energetic, emotional, and physical connections. If I am able to get that far you could prepare to have your mind blown. For now, just prepare to expand your thinking a bit.

Are you willing to expand your mind?

The information I am sharing is not for the weak of mind, weak of spirit, weak of heart. It is also not for those who are unable to break the “normalcy bias.” Look this up if you are not familiar with the term. There may also be other terms I use you may have never heard or you may not understand. I strongly recommend you research all of them. But, be forewarned you might not find the answers from the “conventional” sources, such as Google, YouTube, and even other search engines at this point. It is becoming increasingly difficult to search for “truth”. Even if you do not wish to believe it might be truth, the point is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to search for information, which would help one use his or her own logic to determine the truth.

With regards to Nature’s Presence and The Secret of Energy, I will say that important information has been hidden from us for a long time. You could imagine why. If you imagine it is due to money you would be correct – money and power. The “powers that be” or, hopefully soon, “the powers that were”, want control of everything. This includes the information you learn so they might ultimately control you. In this series I discuss the concepts behind wireless technology and energy leading to the ultimate goal of the sociopathic and psychopathic “overlords”, for lack of a better term. The ultimate agenda is a dark and sinister one, which not only allows them to profit from our ignorance but also to actually lead us to the slaughter. Sound familiar?

The Monster – 5G

The thing about 5G technology is that it has the ability to, eventually, embed itself into the fabric of our society through the threads of commerce, government, entertainment, education, etc. This is bad enough, but it will also have the ability to embed itself into our very minds. In some places and for some people it has already done so, which we will discuss at some point. The capabilities of this technology has stripped us of our privacy and has all but killed the protections we once enjoyed from our beloved Constitution. In fact, the companies behind these technologies have been invading our privacy for years through previous “Gs”, generations.

When it comes to talk of 5G it seems all doom and gloom, especially with regards to the effects it can have on the body. But I’m here to tell you that all is not lost and we might be able to stem the tide a bit. It turns out our Federal government has decided it might want to actually step in and protect the citizens from this dastardly monster we call “5G”. Sure, it has failed to protect us from this same monster in times past, but that is a discussion for another day. The monster has reared its head for many decades in the form of all non-native electromagnetic frequencies. How, you might be asking, is the government showing any concern for us at all right now, as they haven’t seemed to care about anything but themselves for so long? To find out, check out my video below and take heed of what we must do now to secure not only our right to privacy but also, especially, our right to LIFE, Liberty, AND the Pursuit of Happiness. We have a voice now, which we did not have before. It’s time for us to use it!

How can you help?

First, read the bill!

Next, AFTER understanding what it means to have 5G NATIONALIZED, put together your input based on your understanding of the bill/law, along with your understanding of the health dangers.

Note: The time to protest this bill has passed. The bill will soon become law. If this disappoints you, do watch/re-watch my video. You now have a voice, so use it!

Remember it won’t do any good to send your representatives anything. They have no say in this anymore. The implementation and enforcement lies under the Executive Department, which means it now falls under the president and his administration. This link will take you to the organization to which you should send input.

It also would be very helpful if you sent your input to the White House as well.


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