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The Secret of Energy, A Spiritual and Scientific Tool For Finding Ultimate Happiness

The Secret of Energy was released in January, 2018 and was my first published book. In this book I aimed to demystify the concept of energy and energetic healing so the average person recognizes its potential for helping you manifest many things including health, wealth, and ultimate fulfillment. In an effort to bridge the gap between the spiritual and scientific I discuss energetic concepts as they relate to the body, the mind, the earth, as well as energetic healing modalities.
Initially I had planned on releasing this only as an e-book, but as I got to the end of writing the book I was astonished at how it made me feel to write it. I then realized how important this book is to the current time so I decided to release it both electronically and as a paperback.
On the back cover:

Nature's Presence Column E-Book

Embark on a journey of discovery and learn of different natural healing concepts and little-discussed remedies! This book is a compilation of several columns I wrote, which were published in the local newspaper, The Valley Daily Post. Some topics were discussed in series, including the topic of energy. This was the inspiration for my book The Secret of Energy, which was an expansion of the VDP column series!
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