A Holistic Approach…


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Holistic Coaching

Stay tuned for our upcoming holistic coaching program by Nature’s Presence. In addition to making available a comprehensive program consisting of varying details we will also offer coaching on a one-on-one basis.

The purpose of our coaching programs is to help our clients take better control of their own health and well being by being fully informed of their options on a holistic level.

This program will:

  1. Help you become educated on the things you are putting into your body and what you can do to ensure optimum nutrition;
  2. Habits that are affecting your growth and simple ways to modify those habits or create new ones to make the most out of your time;
  3. The importance of attitude for success in anything you do;
  4. Help you determine if you’re living your life’s purpose on some level and how far you are willing to go for true fulfillment;
  5. Using the best strategies to help improve all aspects of your life with RESULTS;
  6. Discussions on critical thinking to help you understand challenges and problems with the ultimate goal of positive resolution;
  7. Much more…

Speaking Engagements


I offer public speaking engagements on the topic of discovering or building on your passions as well as the meaning of living holistically. Health and emotional well being are but a single component of living a holistic life with true purpose and fulfillment. If we are not living our passions, or at least honoring that part of our being we are likely experiencing a void which could easily be filled by taking time out of our lives to do what we love.

Ideally we will be living our life’s purpose and making a living doing what we love.

Note: I am presently available for free speaking engagements on topics related to natural health and healing including breakthroughs in science toward non-toxic treatments, things to incorporate now for better health among many others; discovering your passions; holistic well being and more. Contact me at marcie@naturespresence.net to discuss the itinerary and tailoring to fit your or your organization’s needs.

Short presentations are recommended to discuss focused topics such as supplementation, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, nutrition, and fitness, etc.