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Going Keto Long Term, A Good or Bad Idea?

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This post has been a long (LONG) time coming. I didn’t realize how long it had been that I’d written a blog post for Nature’s Presence. Truth is, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in comales. What are those, you ask? They’re better known as griddles or hot plates but these aren’t just any griddles or comales. They’re “Not Your Mama’s Comal”. Check out this “movie trailer” if you’re wondering what I’m talking about. In the meantime, just know I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs all this time. I’ve actually been working on our Fire Forms business. It’s what puts food on the table so unfortunately my “work now, get paid later” projects have been put on hold. It’s also difficult for me to shift gears from such varied topics. When I’m immersed in marketing comales, I’m not researching natural health as much as I’d like and I’m certainly not writing about it.

The good news is that I have been doing some research and have discovered some really fascinating information to go along with everything I’ve shared about health and the ketogenic diet. But before I share that I want to give an update on my own journey.

Since embarking on the keto diet over a year ago I’ve not only come across some information to clarify the benefits of the diet and also when it is appropriate but also followed my own intuition, which, as you will see in a later blog, is so important to follow with regards to nutrition and, well, life. This information sheds light on many things that have been a mystery with regards, especially, to our health issues.

This past summer was busy with many social events and life. Although I only did “true keto” for a few weeks in the beginning, at some point my whole very low carb lifestyle got tossed to the wayside. Don’t ask me how this happened. I think we start throwing caution to the wind thinking things like, “I’m just going to have this one piece of bread just this once.” Of course, “just this once” turns into once a week and then we forget we weren’t eating bread at all. The good news is, after I went keto for a while and VLC for a good period of time my body simply can’t handle so many carbs. So while I will have bread every once in a while my body tells me when to stop and I’m reminded of what makes me feel good…and bad (like a burger with the bun and the fries). My ultimate goal, however, is to eat bread never. It might be a pipe dream but a worthy goal nonetheless.

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I still love love love burgers and fries. It’s been my favorite (junk?) food for some time. But now I actually enjoy the burger without the bun more and, when I’m in my right mind (meaning remembering how all the carbs make me feel) I order a salad instead of fries – depending on the quality of the beef it turns out this is actually a pretty healthy meal. Even when I’m craving a real burger (with bun) I’m reminded of how I feel and order it without. I still have fries every once in a while, because I don’t believe in total deprivation, but what I’ve found is that I can’t eat nearly as many as I could before. This is a good thing. It reminds me each subsequent time that, despite how yummy they taste, I can still enjoy a salad just about as much and yet feel so much better afterward. I think it’s when we don’t pay attention to how we feel that gets us into trouble with eating the wrong things. That is, partly, our intuition speaking to us.

I am not at what I think is my ideal weight and sometimes I wonder if the weight I always end up stabilizing at is my “ideal weight”. The grass is always greener on the other side, no? And, really, you can’t always get what you want. For me it is and always has been most about health. One of the things that happened during this period of time was the start of a stress fracture in my foot so I had to lay off running almost completely for several months. That really threw off my routine. These days I’m trying my hardest to get back into running at least 3 times a week. I feel so good when I run and I feel strong. Despite the pounds I would like to lose I like what I see in the mirror if I’m on a good running schedule. These are the things we have to remember when we’re not in our health groove.

Onto the new and exciting things I’m learning. Since embarking on my experiment on the keto lifestyle and doing the research about why it is effective I have come across some even more interesting information about our bodies and the fact that much of what we know of biology has been hidden in plain sight and yet so much is presumably “not known”. What I mean is that humans have been around for millennia, living a certain way, and yet we really are only now learning how exactly the human body works. Unfortunately our environment has changed drastically in the past fifty to one hundred years so the research conducted with modern science really doesn’t give a good picture of what is going on or what we must do to achieve optimal health.

As I wrote the book The Secret of Energy the idea became clearer and clearer that we should be following our intuition, more than anything, toward a successful life, including health as it is related to nutrition. The concept of a keto way of life seemed logical; however, not on a long-term or constant basis. Indeed what I have discovered corroborates my instinct. In the book I discussed circadian rhythms along with our connection with the earth and sun. What I did not discuss, but is a worthy topic and will likely write a second edition or even a sequel, is how this connection to our environment must also be in tune with our nutrition and other aspects of our being such as fitness and movement.

Humankind has been eating on a certain schedule or, more appropriately put, seasonally for millennia and it was always based on the availability of whole and natural foods in their environment. Even as recent as my own grandparents’ generation people were harvesting as much fruit and vegetables during the late summer and early fall to store for the winter. They would eat to their hearts content during this time. As winter came along they knew they had to preserve as much of what they had to last through the spring. As a result they would seriously conserve their food and therefore would opt for more satiating things like heavier meats and the fats that came along with them like tallow and lard. At one point during this time it was very likely that our ancestors went strict keto because of necessity. Their bodies became efficient at burning fat for fuel during the times of scarcity or even just outside harvest time. They ate what came naturally to them. What’s more is that this occurred during the colder months and in the dead of winter thus in order to stay warm their bodies would burn fat for heat.

Our genes have developed this way over many centuries. Like I said in the book, we are always tending toward health and success, IF (and this is a big IF) we follow our intuition and do what our subconscious mind leads us toward. Even our cells and microbiome are intelligent and therefore constantly learning and growing toward survival of the fittest. I believe the problem today is that we have been bombarded with noise on so many levels that we barely realize we even have intuition, let alone know how to read it. You can read a great deal about learning how to read intuition in my book.

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Moreover many unnatural things have been introduced into our environment and our food supply along with the constant propaganda coming from the television on what we “should” be eating. I often wonder when people will realize that what is being pushed on us through that device is nothing more than money making schemes on every level. This includes so-called “food”, as well as ideas (e.g. politics). When was the last time you saw an advertisement for apples…or an apple tree for that matter? Never? That’s because there’s no real money to be made from advertising whole foods.

This being the case we all need to take a deep breath, shut off everything, and start paying attention to our bodies. We must use logic in order to find true health and well being. Logic tells us that the sun is not only good for us it is also necessary. It has been around forever and the human (as well as other living beings) body has more than adapted to the energy coming from the sun, and the earth itself. In fact, we have become one with both the earth and sun and therefore we need to be connected to and not shielded from them. The earth operates at a very specific frequency and the sun emits a very specific type and amount of radiation, which varies throughout the day. These are the energies to which are bodies have adapted. These are some of the concepts touched on in my book. Little did I realize at the time I wrote it how it was related to nutrition, and not just in the sense that our food converts to energy to provide fuel to the mitochondria.

Unfortunately in the past several decades, along with the introduction of unnatural, processed foods, we have been exposed to ever-increasing unnatural radiation and energy to which our bodies are most certainly not adapted. After all it can take generations to adapt to our environment in order to exploit it to optimize our health and survival. Never mind the nonsense advice given by the mainstream to slather ourselves with sunscreen and to wear sunglasses to further block that connection. How long do you think those “protective” tools have been around? Not millennia that’s for sure.


In the next blog post I’m going to get into specifics about how this applies to our health, nutrition status, and overall well being. It, of course, is a lot of information to take in and I would do well to actually write a whole book about it but I want to share at least a bit of what I’ve learned so that you can ponder how your environment affects your health and well being. If you haven’t yet picked up my book The Secret of Energy, I highly recommend it (shameless plug :D, but seriously, it is beneficial), as it can provide a very good basic education on energy that could help understand these concepts I’m writing about here.

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