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The Current Crisis – 5G, Rona, and the Silver Lining

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“The sharing of information absence reason makes one’s study futile.” ~ MM


Social media has become the 21st century version of the Tower of Babel

As I observe our current situation biblical prophecy continues to unfold. More importantly I see a replay of biblical times past. Even those who seem to share beliefs are more divided than ever.  Among the people observing from the sidelines are exhibiting a great deal of confusion. This observation is a continuation of one I made several months ago. It is as if we are immersed in our own Tower of Babel. We do not understand each other despite speaking the “same” language. This, in my view, comes from formulating opinions based on information given to us. We should instead use information we seek and analyze to do so. This is true about various current events: the real dangers of CV-19 and how to address them, the current financial situation, the predictions and predictability of economic outcome, other issues happening as we speak, including, very importantly, what is really happening with the 5G rollout.


Beware of the inadvertent fearmongering of truth seekers

It is my focus to put things together with regards to the current health crisis and how it might relate to 5G. I am doing this to learn what we might do to protect ourselves. Look, we cannot expect to understand anything without taking both a birds eye view along with a deep dig into the weeds. A great deal of time, reflection, and prayer for discernment is required to accomplish this. A lot of information is being shared regarding 5G that seems to be mostly “thrown” out there as a reaction of fear. I am not saying the 5G rollout is not a serious issue with immense potential for various consequences. I wrote a simple book about energy for the very reason of helping others understand energy. Only in this way might we understand the threat of non-native, unnatural electromagnetic frequencies. I am an optimist, however, and therefore my ultimate goal is to educate with solutions. It is impossible to do this when there are so many out there who are simply fear mongering, however well they mean.

Sharing incomplete research is almost no better than the lies spewed by the mainstream

People with huge followings are doing this and I am concerned people will take it all as truth without doing their own research. I am constantly warning against mainstream media because over the past several years, especially in the last three years, the blatant lies it has promoted is right in front of us. The mainstream issues barely-seen retractions and in other cases they allow the fraud to continue. I am now going to sound the alarm regarding this same type of situation happening on the alternative news side. I will say I do not believe it is done for the same reason. Whereas I firmly believe the mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the globalists and thus have reason to lie, I believe authentic truth seekers are just missing the mark. At this point it is my belief the mainstream media is a propaganda arm of the Communist Chinese Party, which ties directly into the topic at hand. I believe those who misinform with regards to the alternative side actually mean well and believe they are sharing truth.

Overreacting about the nationalization of 5G is not helping our plight

I cannot stress enough that we each have to step up to the plate and do our own research. Sure, follow the alternative channels and when they show you evidence of some person’s connections there is nothing wrong with believing this. What I am saying is, when it comes to the unknown, we really need to relax, reflect, and pray. This holds especially true when claiming CV-19 is not a virus but is actually “radiation sickness” from 5G without knowing for sure.

When I did my video on the nationalization of 5G it was intended to allay fears with regards to the upcoming 5G rollout. The very same people who have been shouting from the rooftops how corporations have been insidiously running the world are the ones who are fear mongering over the nationalization. Instead of taking a breath and reflecting, the alternative news channels and reporters who are rightly warning about the dangers of 5G jumped on a strange bandwagon. Many are claiming, “See, see! Our government isn’t trying to help us, they’re in on it! They WANT 5G and now they’ve even nationalized it.” This shrill reaction is exactly why people lump us all into a category of conspiracy theorist. This “title” of Conspiracy Theorist is really not a bad thing but it has been perverted to be a bad thing. This means people will automatically reject the information as false.

This being said please bear with me as I conduct my research and compile my thoughts in readable form. I am not going to blindly share something as truth that has not been at least somewhat understood if not actually studied. I will share my thoughts and ideas with the disclaimer that they are based only on my opinion so you are free to take it with a grain of salt and encouraged to look into it yourself. That being said, below is a video I recently made to discuss the potential connection between 5G and CV-19. My goal is to determine how we might use the current crisis to our advantage. There is always a silver lining. Listen below and give me your thoughts. Can we all calm down about 5G for a bit?



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