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The Truth About Thyroid Disorders

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Are you doomed to live with a thyroid problem forever or could there be something natural you could be doing to help yourself while improving your overall health?

When it comes to autoimmune disorders/diseases it seems that thyroid disorders are among the most common. Because of this, or perhaps in spite of this, there appears to be little discussion regarding a “cure.” Most people I know who have thyroid disorders – and there are many – seem to just accept it as fact that they will live with this disorder, and be on the medications for this disorder, for the rest of their lives. I also find it interesting just how many people suffer from such disorders. Every time I turn around there’s someone new who tells me they have some sort of thyroid issue and the discussion does not last long because it just “is.”


But does it have to be? While many thyroid issues have some indication of being genetic, in this day and age it seems that environmental factors are rendering these types of disorders much more prevalent than they ever were. According to one peer-reviewed article, “Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (HT) is the most prevalent autoimmune thyroid disorder caused by an interaction between genes and environmental triggers.”[1] Although I have been aware of hypo- and hyperthyroidism for many years, it was only recently that I heard about Hashimoto’s. It seems that, due to its increased prevalence, one should consider the increase in environmental factors since it is unlikely that it has become more “genetically” involved.

A simple search on PubMed yields a mountain of results pointing to the association of oxidative stress with thyroid disorders. Indeed oxidative stress is implicated in many diseases including other autoimmune diseases such as lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis and on and on. Thus far every thyroid disorder I have researched yields the same result – thyroid function is directly correlated with an increase in oxidative stress and free radicals and a decrease in antioxidant defense. “Oxidative stress as a result of disequilibrium between free radical generation and antioxidant status has been implicated in several pathologies including thyroid diseases.”[2]

Going back to Hashimoto’s: studies have shown that those with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis have a significant reduction of glutathione, the “master antioxidant.”[3] In one fairly recent study, which claims to be the first study to “demonstrate a substantial reduction in [serum glutathione or GSH] status in [Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or HT] subjects,” it was found that “the interrelationship between the GSH contents and [anti-thyroperoxidase anti-body or TPO-AB] titers in HT provides a preliminary data to support the notion that GSH diminution is a hallmark of in the events leading to oxidative stress activation and the development of immunological intolerance in HT.” Without becoming too “scientific,” this is huge when it comes to determining how to deal with the underlying issue itself either in addition to using pharmaceuticals to control thyroid disorders or as a way to treat the problem in the first place.


Antioxidant defense and free radical damage is becoming more and more important in understanding the cause of many illnesses and, indeed, in the process of aging itself. It was not that long ago that a discovery was made with regards to the genes that we each have responsible for creating our own antioxidants. These genes actually do exist but, as we begin to age, roughly around the age of twenty, these genes begin to shut off, leaving us with little antioxidant defenses. On top of this we are increasingly exposed to toxins each day.

It’s been determined that we can obtain certain amounts of antioxidants through the foods we eat and even through various supplements, but does such supplementation and nutrition provide us with enough antioxidants to make a dent in the free radical damage our bodies are subjected to on a daily basis? Considering that the thyroid is responsible for many things relating to optimal health, influencing such things as metabolism, growth and development, body temperature, etc. it seems that understanding what causes its decline in function and treating such decline, preferably naturally, would improve overall health and well-being.

One unfortunate side effect of decreased thyroid function is weight gain. Nobody likes gaining weight, especially when they seemingly can do nothing to prevent it or lose that weight. Also, various thyroid conditions cause other unfortunate symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and even cancer and coma.[4] While the allopathic community has come up with some treatments for the various thyroid disorders, having the thyroid gland removed, excess iodine, radiation therapy, etc. depending on the disorder itself, seem rather extreme when the underlying issue might be related to oxidative stress, free radical damage, and diminished antioxidant defense.


The key then, it seems, would be to figure out how to trigger the body’s own genes and enzymes responsible for antioxidant defense and for the production of the master antioxidant, glutathione. Remarkably such method exists. Because of the nature of the method of this “trigger” and the fact that it can positively affect so many things within the body, we have developed an e-mail newsletter to actively provide updates and more detailed information regarding what is termed “nrf2 activation.” You will be introduced to an amazing nrf2 activator that has been scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress to the level of that of a newborn baby with just two weeks of use.

By activating our own antioxidant-producing genes we can tackle more than a million free radicals per second without any other external supplementation/nutrition.

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